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Our reliable non-skid solutions for industrial customers include repair, and re-coating services.  Based on your workplace safety requirements, providing installation and/or coating services for slight or aggressive profile non-slip coating plus flooring systems, is our specialty.  Non-skid safety floors and slip-resistant coatings are suitable for installation in steps, loading docks, walkways, as well as inclines.  In our earlier projects, aggressively textured epoxy flooring operations on exterior chemical receiving ramps and pads were carried out to suit client specific requirements.

Deco-Coat Flooring LLC. non-skid safety coatings are incorporated with specific amounts of hard and angular-graded aggregates, to ensure the safety of your work areas.  To enhance the safety of wet process areas in chemical, food processing, as well as manufacturing facilities, we offer installation services for non-skid safety surfaces using urethane and epoxy coatings mixed with aggregates.  Non-slip materials, textured plates, and surface-roughened treads are incorporated in the protective coatings as well as floor sealers to achieve skid resistant surfaces.

Available in a range of surface types, colors, and grating styles, our anti-slip coatings as well as non-skid flooring systems are suitable for both indoor plus outdoor applications.  Safety floors with small holes are suitable for installation in factories, processing facilities, as well as plants where grease and oil may cause accidents.  We can install textured epoxy flooring systems with walkway safety tapes for preventing dangerous slip and fall problems.

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