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 Our exterior systems are a permanent concrete resurfacing solution for any concrete surface. Whether you are looking to create a more decorative look to a patio, sidewalk, or pool deck or you are looking for a way to restore concrete that isn’t looking so great, our system is a fast and easy way to accomplish the goals you have for your home. This system is ideal for garage flooring. It withstands heavy traffic and with a decorative look.

The ultimate pool deck coating and garage flooring system, our flexible membrane will quickly permeate and coat your existing concrete surface, while solving many of the problems that it may have. Custom blended color chips are broadcast into the membrane to create the look of granite or quartz flooring.

These systems possess unique characteristics like deep penetration, adhesion, permanent flexibility, and being 100% impervious to water or moisture.  Deco-Coat Flooring can install this high quality flooring option to your garage, basement, walkway, driveway, and more.

What is an exterior system ?

Elasti-Deck System

Elasti-Deck System is a fast drying waterproofing coating to use for resurfacing damaged concrete and wood. This single-component, liquid applied flexible membrane is moisture cured and gives you 100% contact with the substrate. Elasti-Deck eliminates migratory water problems in demanding exterior situations. Remember that unprotected concrete that is exposed to freeze-thaw, rainfall, and de-icing, etc will deteriorate. “Passive” protection provided by cement paste around reinforced steel will eventually be destroyed. Elasti-Deck has a wide range of coatings for various traffic and is designed to offer durability and flexibility to create an environment impermeable to water.

Features for you:

  • Easy single -component application, no mixing in curing agent

  • Excellent waterproofing properties

  • Withstands extreme environmental conditions

  • Designed for demanding exterior applications

Elasti-Deck Flake and Quartz system

  • Designed for exterior and interior applications

  • Great for pool decks, patios, porches, garage floors, etc

Elasti-Deck Parking Deck systems

Designed for decades of heavy traffic

Endures prolonged exposure to snow, ice, and other harsh elements

Still aesthetically pleasing

Traffic Deck Coatings

Pedestrian Deck Systems

  • Superior waterproofing protection and durability

  • Prevents deterioration of concrete or plywood decks

  • Higher mil thickness available for heavy traffic areas

  • Excellent UV resistance

  • Skid resistance

These systems will provide superior waterproofing protection and durability for your pedestrian and vehicular traffic decks. The coating systems are able to bridge substrate cracks and are flexible in cold temperatures. They can stand up to the sun’s UV rays providing excellent UV resistance.

Vehicular Traffic Deck Systems

  • Superior waterproofing protection and durability

  • Protects decks from effects of water, freeze-thaw cycles, environmental conditions and chemicals from vehicles

  • Excellent UV resistance

  • Skid resistance

Applications include:

  • Pedestrian walkways

  • Balconies and sun decks

  • Plaza decks

  • Parking structures

  • Heliports

  • Loading docks

  • Emergency entrances

  • Mechanical rooms

  • Rooftop recreational areas


Several different coating systems are available for your different traffic environments. Contact us today to review which system is best for your traffic needs.

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