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For customers in search of cost effective and versatile finishing solutions, Deco-Coat Flooring offers coating, resurfacing, repair, plus maintenance services for a range of concrete surfaces.  Our team of professionally certified applicators and installers will work with you to select a suitable solution from an extensive store of high performance concrete epoxy coatings, urethane concrete coatings, as well as epoxy sealers.  We also stock a range of concrete finishing products to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your floors.

With our installations, the team works to project the business image and improve the visual impact of your floors.  Deco-Coat Flooring's  high compressive strength coating systems will withstand heavy traffic and increase the cleanability, which translates into better light reflectivity. While selecting your floor coatings, our team considers several factors, such as thermal shock, abrasion, impact, chemical exposure, and life expectancy, to ensure the longevity of your custom concrete floors.

Through careful surface preparation, we remove cracks, spalls, oil, grease, dirt, and other contaminants from your floor before applying the custom concrete coatings.  With the help of our concrete coatings, customers can protect their masonry and concrete surfaces from water penetration and avoid problems such as peeling, blistering, and delamination.  In addition to installation, resurfacing, and renovation services, periodical inspection services are also offered to our customers.

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