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Food, Beverage, Wine & Spirits Concrete Epoxy Floor Coating

Food manufacturing and beverage processing are exposed to frequent wash downs, harsh chemicals, bacteria, hot oils and fats, dusty flour, and extreme temperatures.  Deco-Coat Flooring's experience with food and beverage epoxy floor coatings work to minimize production downtime, while providing a safe facility.  A clean and sanitary flooring system will be HACCP trained, USDA, and FDA compliant.

Food & Beverage industry challenges & epoxy flooring solutions:

  • Sanitation is controlled, as well as,  bacteria growth and bugs on concrete floors and walls. Elimination of cracks, chips, gouges,and other hiding places for contaminants, with a seamless anti-microbial concrete epoxy floor coating.

  • Anti-slip or slip resistance is vital in food and beverage facilities. Powders, oils, and liquids can create a slippery surface, leading to costly workman's comp claims. Adding a slip resistant epoxy floor coating creates a safe, stable, working surface.

  • Safety is more than eliminating trip hazards, visitor stumbles, or an uneven concrete floor.  Deco-Coat also provides safety striping, color coding, and 5S markings to help prevent accidents and direct traffic.

  • Concrete epoxy floor coatings can act as a barrier against daily abuse. Left untreated, concrete erosion from foot and equipment traffic leads to a much more costly replacement.

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