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About Us

Epoxy Garage Floor

Deco-Coat Flooring, LLC , a family owned business, was establish in 2012.  Chad Herrick, owner/installer, has been in the epoxy business for over 30 years travelling across the country installing floors.

At Deco-Coat Flooring our processes are proven and continuously improving.  We constantly watch for new products and technologies that improve our solutions and their applications.  We use state-of-the-art equipment for preparation and application, and the best Polymer products in the world to provide you with the ideal solution.

We specialize in floor preparation and application processes for new floors, and fixing ineffective floors or replacing old epoxy flooring.  Our integrated approach ensures we can protect your valuable assets and create ideal environments for your safety and your specific needs.

Deco-Coat Flooring's experience in epoxy flooring gives every customer a system that fits their needs as well as the needs of the floor.  Our focus is the budget of our customer while being able to provide a quality floor that will be long lasting.

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