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Whether you are seeking for floor renovation or new installation solutions, Deco-Coat Flooring has the expertise and modern technology to solve your toughest problems in floor coating as well as recoating.  We specialize in over-coating, removing, or surfacing tile floors, static dissipative coatings, light reflective coatings, and odor free, non-flammable installations.  In all our installation and re-coating projects, careful selection of the floor coating systems,  plus substrates, is carried out to meet your critical application demands.

To ensure long-term performance of your industrial floors, floor coatings, concrete coatings, epoxy flooring, and floor sealing operations are performed with great attention to detail.  The compressive strength of our durable, light-reflective epoxy coating exceeds 8,000 psi. With our light reflective floor, which brightens dimly lit work areas, you can save energy costs.

In addition to new installations, we also specialize in the cost-effective renovation of worn out or damaged industrial floors, impacted by years of traffic and production.  After initial inspection, our team of installers and applicators will shot blast, prepare, plus renovate your damaged surfaces.  Based on your specific application needs, the team will commence the re-coating operations with custom floor coatings.

Damaged industrial floors, re-coated with our specially selected high performance epoxy coating systems, can be transformed into easy-to-clean durable floors.  To save your valuable production time, we can carry out floor coating or re-coating operations on weekends. 

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