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Deco-Coat Flooring LLC. provides a complete range of floor sealers and coatings used for sealing concrete floors.  For the refurbishment of old, damaged, or cracked concrete surfaces, concrete floor sealants are used.  Our coatings also provide your floors with additional benefits, such as dust control, improved appearance, and increased cleanability.

Our floor sealants can also be used to provide protection from oxidation and wear, as well as improve the appearance of the concrete flooring in your facility.  Floor sealant coatings are generally used in areas that have light service conditions, but exert the ability to withstand heavy forklift traffic when required, such as warehouses and storage containments.

Available in different forms, our clear and pigmented floor sealants can be used for re-sealing old concrete floors prior to the application of other coatings.  Our floor sealants provide you with cost savings in the form of lower cleaning and maintenance costs.

clear concrete sealer
concrete sealer
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