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Pharmaceutical Concrete Epoxy Floor Coating

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anti microbial flooring
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Pharmaceutical concrete epoxy floor coating by Deco-Coat Flooring is custom - designed for a highly sterile, anti-microbial environment ideal for clean rooms, labs, research, and manufacturing plants. When the pharmaceutical industry is testing, formulating, and manufacturing new or existing drugs, it is essential that the facility flooring system is seamless, dust free, and sanitary. Our concrete epoxy flooring system complies with your health, hygiene, and safety standards.

A pharmaceutical concrete epoxy floor must be easy to clean, crack, and crevice free, and resistant to sanitizing chemicals. At Deco-Coat Flooring, we will provide durability and long lasting wear including:

  • GMP and FDA compliance

  • Anti-microbial control

  • Chemical resistance

  • Slip resistant

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