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Specialty protective coatings, including epoxy floorings, epoxy coatings, plus polyurethane coatings are offered for interior and exterior deck systems.  These are primarily used for waterproofing floors, decks, as well as retaining walls.  On application, our coatings become a seamless, flexible, and elastic barrier that provides chemical resistance, UV light resistance, plus abrasion resistance for your decks.

Deco-Coat Flooring's deck coating systems can be applied on various substrates as well, including but not restricted to, concrete surfaces and wooden decks.  These coatings have been typically used in the past for various indoor and outdoor applications, such as rooftop parking decks, parking garages, interior mezzanine decks, as well as parking garage ramps.

We also offer concrete coatings for under-layment purposes and have used these coatings for various external surfaces.   These coating offer watertight integrity, along with other parameters such as:  non-slip safety, abrasion resistance, and exterior durability. 

parking deck epoxy flooring
exterior parking deck epoxy system
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