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Medical Device Manufacturing Concrete Epoxy Floor Coating


Medical device manufacturing demands a seamless concrete epoxy floor and wall coating to maintain a highly sterile and sanitary environment ideal for clean rooms, laboratories, and medical device processing lines. It is essential that your facility's concrete flooring system is seamless, dust free, and easy to sanitize. Deco-Coat's flooring systems comply with your health and safety standards.

If you are concerned about the growth of microbes, chemicals, or slippage interfering with your medical device manufacturing operation, Deco-Coat concrete floor coating solutions are installed in electronic, manufacturing, and food facilities.  These issues, as well as powders and dry environments, are regularly addressed.

Your medical device manufacturing facility benefits to epoxy flooring can be:

  • Durability and long lasting wear in high traffic areas.

  • Anti-microbial floor coating.

  • Sanitation and easy to clean seamless flooring surface.

  • GMP and FDA compliance.

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