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Healthcare: Hospital, Clinic, Heliport Epoxy Concrete Floor Coating

health care epoxy flooring
dog daycare epoxy floor
antimicrobial epoxy flooring
hospital helipad

Deco-Coat Flooring, a concrete floor protection contractor, has designed hundreds of flooring solutions for the healthcare industry including:  hospitals, clinics, animal research facilities, and heliports.  Help your facility stay clean and microbial free with the Deco-Coat Flooring way. Maintaining a sanitary, safe and productive environment is vital to the well-being of staff, patients and their visitors.  Flooring protection, such as epoxy:

  • Keeps boiler room concrete floors protected from extreme temperatures, boiling water, chemicals, anti-microbial and more.

  • Keeps bathrooms and showers sanitary and safe with slip resistant and anti-microbial floors and walls.

  • Keeps diagnostic, x-ray and radiation rooms protected with anti-static or ESD protected floors and walls.

  • Keeps operating rooms and emergency rooms under control with anti-microbial flooring and wall systems.

Healthcare industry challenges & flooring solutions:

  • Sanitation controls the growth of bacteria and unwanted bugs on concrete floors and walls. Eliminate cracks, chips, gouges and other hiding places for contaminants with a seamless anti-microbial floor coating.

  • Hospitals, clinics and boiler rooms floors can be slippery due to smooth surfaces, creating unsafe working conditions for patients, visitors, and employees. Water and other liquids can create a slippery surface.  Adding a slip resistant floor coating can create a safe, stable working surface.

  • Deco-Coat provides an array of safety conditions on the floor including slip resistance, safety striping, color coding and 5S markings to help prevent accidents and direct the flow of foot traffic.

  • People who work with chemicals know the EPA has strict rules about preventing substances from leaking into the ground.  A floor or wall coating system keeps chemicals from penetrating the surface.

  • Spills, grease, and other soils are easier to clean and maintain, reducing labor costs and increasing sanitation.

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