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     PROTECTIVE FLOORING &                          COATINGS


Various high performance protective coatings, including concrete coatings, epoxy coatings, containment linings, and deck coating systems, are available to meet your specific flooring protection needs.  Deco-Coat Flooring's protective coatings safeguard your floor integrity and watertight barriers, plus offer chemical resistance, UV resistance, plus static dissipation.

These coatings are ideal for areas with high traffic mobility, as well as those that require flooring with specialized features, such as:  food grade coatings used in the food & beverage industry and static dissipation coatings used on electronic clean room floors.  One of the primary features of our coatings is the watertight integrity they provide to the flooring, a feature that makes them indispensable for floors where water seepage is a major concern.

Deco-Coat Flooring offers initial inspection services to understand your site requirements, and offers the appropriate coating for your needs.  Some of the applications that we specialize in are chemical storage area linings, clean room flooring systems, and floor waterproofing.

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